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Vue Final Modal is a tiny, renderless, mobile-friendly, feature-rich modal component for Vue.js.
You can create a higher-order component easily and can customize template, script and style based on your needs.

Vue Final Modal 4.0 has been released for Vue 3 🚀

Checkout the new documentation:

Looking for a Vue 2 version? It's over here


Support Vue 3, Vue 2 and Nuxt
Tailwind CSS friendly
Renderless component
Tiny bundle size
Support stackable, detachable, scrollable, draggable, resizable, transition, accessibility, focusTrap, dynamic modal

Enjoy light and dark mode: 

Live Demo


# Clone repo
git clone

# Run linter
yarn lint

# Run unit test
yarn test

# Build library
yarn build

# Run examples
cd examples
yarn dev

# Run docs
cd docs
yarn dev


Thank you to all the people who already contributed to vue-final-modal!

Made with contributors-img.

To develop vue-final-modal, I learn a lot from these awesome libraries:

There is no perfect library even the final of vue modal.

🚀 If you have any ideas for optimization of vue-final-modal, feel free to open issues or pull requests.

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